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You awaken on a deserted shore. Looking around, you find yourself on a small island, with a single fruit-bearing tree. You have a canteen filled with perhaps five days of water. Beside you lies another person, gravely injured, and the incoming tide threatens to drag them out to sea if you do not rescue them. Looking back to the tree and pondering your limited water supply, you realize that you could survive alone for a week. You know that the island can support two people for half that time, and you don’t expect rescue within the first three days. Which of the following two scenarios do you choose?
You and two others are marooned on an island awaiting rescue, and your food supply is running perilously short. One day you discover a small cave, the walls of which are lined with a foul-tasting but nourishing fungus. It's enough to feed you alone for a very long time, but will only last a week if the rest of the islanders consume it as well. You suspect many of your fellow castaways have been keeping food to themselves over the past weeks.
Returning to an island camp you share with one other person, you find a jaguar in your camp, padding silently towards the sleeping form of your companion. Shouting to rouse them would also alert the hunting cat to your presence and so endanger your life as well. Choose one of the following courses of action:
It is discovered that among those stranded with you on the island, is a convicted serial-killer. It has been put forth by a majority of the others that this person be killed to ensure tribal safety and improve everyone's chances of surviving on the meager food supply.
After weeks of being stranded, a signal fire you have built attracts a passing ship and leads to your rescue. Who is most responsible for saving your life?
Many weeks before, you were warned against sailing near to a certain island because of the danger that hidden shoals presented to your ship. You did so anyway. During a random thunderstorm, your navigator was unable to avoid the shoals and you were shipwrecked and then marooned on an island. Who is to blame for this happening to you?
Which of these statements is most true?
You're stuck on a desert island. Planes have been sighted, and you and the others stranded on the island believe rescue, although a long way off, is inevitable. Your food supply has run out, however, and the last portion must be split between you and another. You're a male. Which of the following people should be given the additional food?