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You awaken on a deserted shore. Looking around, you find yourself on an island. You hike for days into the deep forest looking to get the lay of the land. You eventually discover coconuts and small game. It looks like you might be able to survive here. After your first week on the island, you come across a dolman standing outside the entrance to a cave. There is a vague humming coming from the direction of the cave, and you feel compelled to enter, but, before you reach the dolman, you discover what appear to be human remains, a lot of them, gathered around the stones of the dolman. What do you do?
You're on a deserted island with a dwindling food supply. You and the other survivors come across bushes bearing fruit that you vaguely recognize: you remember them from a wilderness class in elementary school but you can’t remember if they’re edible, and no one else seems to recognize them. You do remember, however, that if they are inedible, it’s because they’re fatally poisonous. There is enough food left to feed yourself and the other survivors for approximately two more days but there are enough berries here to sustain everyone for at least two weeks, and rescue is uncertain. Which course of action do you take?
Which of the following is the most true?:
How was the universe created?
Where do we go after we die?
Would you ever kill another human being?